Reduce risk of elder abuse and fraud!
Prevent caregiver burnout!

Over the next 40 years, 93% of the aging baby boomers will receive care from their working family members. Because agency care will simply be too costly for them, many family caregivers will have to hire part-time help to manage the situation.

The Caregiving Tool was developed to help family caregivers and care recipients gain the structure, accountability and confidence to effectively direct independent caregivers without the fear of being exploited.

Included with the Caregiving Tool:

    • The Navigator consolidates important information pertinent to the person’s daily care.
    • The TaskGrid provides a checklist of the tasks to be done, and a place to record when and by whom they were completed.

Pamela, caregiving daughter image

  • The Care Schedule is for scheduling caregivers and a medical planner.
  • The Care Journal provides a flexible space to consolidate communications between you and your caregiving team.